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two small birds standing in the marshy wetlands


Whether you like birding and exploring or just being outside, Hoisington’s Rodeway Inn & Suites offers plenty for you to do. The spring shorebird migration at Cheyenne Bottoms is simply spectacular! Pick up your grab ‘n go breakfast the night before so you’re set up by the time the sun rises and the wetlands come alive.

At the hotel, the adjacent park greens up for outdoor activities and family celebrations. Guests can check out equipment for pickleball, disc golf, tennis, or horseshoes at our front desk. One of the community’s new bike share stations is just steps away and our front desk handles bike checkouts and returns from the bike share stops around town.

a family of wild turkeys roaming in a field


The Annual Labor Day Celebration kicks off fall in Hoisington, where US 281 (Main Street) is blocked for four days of activities for all ages. There’s a demolition derby, concerts, a street dance, poker run, turtle races, a vintage car show, and so much more. The 125th Annual Labor Parade will top off all the fun in 2021.

Watch the skies and listen to big flocks of ducks, geese, and sandhill cranes as they head south and stop over at Cheyenne Bottoms. Fall hunting seasons include waterfowl, pheasants, and turkeys.

The fall migration of shorebirds extends well into September and October. Every year, whooping cranes are among the visitors to Cheyenne Bottoms and Quivira.

group of people holding up sparklers


Summer is a great time to stay in Hoisington and mix it up with both indoor and outdoor adventures. From Memorial Day into August, guests at our hotel enjoy courtesy access to the city’s swimming pool next door.

Check out the annual wheat harvest or come celebrate the 4th of July in Hoisington, where families hold block parties and blow their budgets on fireworks. You’ll have a great view of all the action from our hotel at the edge of town.

Herons can be spotted at Cheyenne Bottoms and cattle egrets spend their days with cattle in pastures on nearby farms.

bald eagle flying down towards the water


Hoisington is a great getaway in winter. Mild weather allows for outdoor activities but you’ll appreciate our hotel’s indoor spaces when it’s cold or snowing. The Friday night after Thanksgiving, Santa comes to town as the city lights up with Christmas lights.

Hunting seasons for deer, pheasant, ducks and geese provide opportunities for both in-state and out-of-state hunters. Consider booking your rooms at our hotel after opening weekends as those weekends can be filled long before hunting seasons start. Remember, our hotel offers a game cleaning station and freezer for our guests’ use. You can also pick up your grab ‘n go breakfast the night before if you’re heading out early.

Bald eagles follow the waterfowl migration and spend time at Cheyenne Bottoms. Bring your binoculars and spend some time watching these majestic wintertime visitors.